Study in USA is a dream for Indian students:

Universities in USA are familiar with its quality education. The United States always tops the list of countries chosen by students for higher education. Universities in USA hold around thirty percent of international students. This article provides an answer for why study in USA?

“With the excellent education system with multiple disciplines makes it the number one study abroad destination. The United States is the global leader in the field of technology. It provides a plethora of options for students who pursue technical courses in US universities.”

Reasons for being in USA for higher studies:

1. Universities with an international reputation

The United States of America is the home of most of the world-famous universities. The reputation of American universities has made study in USA a dream come true for Indian students. On completion of the course from any of these universities increases the value of your profile in the world job market. achievers are the other name given to students of these universities.

2. Flexibility – most welcomed by international students

Plenty of choices are available for international students. International students have got the freedom to change their stream of study after completion of the first year. while studying in USA, students get the option to pursue a double degree simultaneously.

3. Advanced classrooms

The US has the reputation of being the global leader in the field of technology. classrooms in US universities are not an exception. Innovative classrooms lead to advanced learning which is most demanded in this competitive world.

Moreover, labs with advancement help the students to gain practical knowledge on the respective subject.  Implementation of advanced technology in each sector is the highlight of these universities. Technology plays the most vital role in research work. Universities in the US never let their students behind in case of technology.

4. Knowledge of various culture

Freedom and opportunity are the most important factors followed in American Society. Studying in US universities increase the opportunity of a student to understand the different culture of different nations.

They can also share our culture with them. Apart from studies life in the US well grooms your personality. Study in USA has multiple advantages.

Studying in USA universities provide room to increase your creativity with the help of dance clubs, art classes, etc. Every university consists of an office for international students particularly for solving the issues they face in a foreign land. immense support is provided for international students by both staffs and faculty members.

5. Study in USA increases career Opportunities

An international degree always increases the credibility of the candidate in the job market. When it comes to a degree from any of the US universities the credibility is doubled. US universities always produce highly skilled students. Those students are most preferred by employers worldwide.

How safe is the US for international students?

Safety is an important factor considered by Indian society while leaving their motherland. Study in USA is most preferred for the safety measures taken for international students.

Even a small issue on the safety factor will disturb the reputation of the country. The United States has taken steps to ensure the safety of international students in their country.

The increase in the number of students flying to the US ensures safety in that country. Before leaving it is the responsibility of the student to check all the safety issues.

Universities and colleges in the US provide better safety for their students. They even provide late-night escort services for students. In case of emergency, international students can approach for help from safe spots.

All the universities in the US will explain to you the safety measures during the orientation program. It is your responsibility to make note of all the important information provided by the university.

They will give you a proper explanation of the escort service available. information on-campus police help to safeguard you from being a victim of any crime.

Following the instruction provided by the universities or the college will keep you away from any kind of danger.

USA Scholarships available for Indian students

Scholarship plays the most important part of the journey of study abroad. Without the scholarship, it would be tough for many to fulfill their dream of studying abroad. The academic score plays the most important role in securing a better scholarship.

Below listed are the few of the scholarships available for Indian students to study in USA:

1. Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship is specially offered for Indian students studying in North America and Europe. Academic excellence forms the basis for receiving this scholarship. this scholarship cannot be availed by students of Engineering, public health, Fashion design, computer science, and Music. The total scholarship amount is around USD 100,000.

2. Fulbright Nehru Research Fellowship

This scholarship is for students pursuing a master’s degree in USA. The courses included for this scholarship are:

  • Conservation and Museum Studies
  • Environmental Science
  • Public Administration
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Women’s Studies
  • International Legal Studies

3. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students

Reliance Industries and Stanford GSB jointly offer this scholarship. This scholarship is for the most deserving student who pursues their studies at Stanford Graduate Business School.

Only five students are eligible for this scholarship every year. students receiving this scholarship should work for any of Indian organization for two years. The total amount awarded for this scholarship is USD 150,000.

4. Rotary Foundation ambassadorial Scholarship

This scholarship is offered for the students who choose to study in any of the following sectors:

  1. Peace and conflict prevention,
  2. Maternal and child health,
  3. Disease prevention and treatment.

The total amount awarded is around USD 30000.

5. The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Programme

This scholarship is awarded for students from developing countries for a period of ten months. The fields chosen for this scholarship are:

  1. Agricultural and Rural Development
  2. Communication and Journalism
  3. Planning and Policy
  4. Educational Administration
  5. Finance and Banking
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Public Health Policy and Management
  8. Public Administration