Career counselling for studying abroad

Career Counselling to Study Abroad

UNIK Global Services help students to realize their dreams in choosing the right career path and provide career counselling for studying abroad. Whether the student is + 2 pass out or a fresh graduate without work experience or Postgraduate studying in Abroad is a huge decision for both students and parents. It involves both mental and financial preparation. 

We in UNIK Global Services would provide complete career counselling for studying abroad to the students to choose his or her career in the right path by evaluating the student academics, aptitude, scholarship options, finance availability, interested country or university. We would provide end to end support for the students to achieve his desired career path.

The following are the services offered by UNIK global services in career counseling
  1. Understanding students requirement
  2. University selection
  3. Admission Handling
  4. Visa Processing
  5. Guidance on Finance Management
  6. Statement of Purpose (SOP) preparation.

Understanding student’s requirement

Our team of expert counselors interacts with students, analyzing the student’s educational background and career goals to choose the right path for his/her career advancement. At the end of this stage, the student can decide on the course he wants to pursue.

University selection

The next important step is selecting the University. Once the student decides the course he/ she wants to study. It is the key to find the University which having worldwide recognition and offering excellent educational background. Our team of counselors will guide the students in choosing the right University and help them in take their final decision.

Admission Handling

Our Visa Processing team would keep on updating with the latest Visa checklist, documents required and immigration policies for each country. Our team will help in filling the Visa application form. We will take classes for students on possible visa interview questions and how they have to answer. We would provide the possible Visa question database based on student profile, helping the student to clear his visa interview.

Visa Processing

Our team of highly experienced professionals assists the students in filling up the application forms right from the beginning. Also, they assist in arranging bank loans, Visa processing, Exam preparations, and any other legal documents. We help students in achieving his/her career dream.

Guidance on Finance Management

Financial management is one of the key areas in pursuing your dreams abroad. UNIK Global Services will help you in all the way to arranging your finance based on university fee, bank deposits, etc. Our team helps the students in understanding the expenditure break up and explain the options available to meet the finance requirement. Also, our team supports the students in getting the scholarship from the University or from the country if it is available.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) preparation

Statement of purpose (SOP) is required from student end by the university to understand the real reason behind your decision in studying abroad. The very first thing in the university admission team will notice your SOP first. It should be genuine & attractive. Our team of experts will guide you in making an efficient SOP document as per the standard template.