SOP (Statement of Purpose)

To write an SOP there are some types to followed but before that let us discuss about the benefits of SOP. SOP (Statement of purpose ) is a type of application essay written by a student applying in the foreign university. SOP (Statement of purpose ) plays the most important role in the admission process in international universities.

Apart from academic records and other essential papers statement of purpose also adds value to the candidate. SOP (Statement of purpose) can also be considered as the space given for students to prove their ability to pursue the course.

Reason for demanding SOP (Statement of Purpose) :::

As stated above, SOP is the biggest opportunity for students to describe their skills. SOP helps the panel members to understand the ability of the students.

Highlighting the strengths of the students in SOP will help them grab the attention of the admission officer. This is the winning mantra to overcome the competition. The students should be more focused while writing a statement of purpose.

How to write an SOP for UG courses

Writing a statement of purpose for UG course is a challenging task. A student applying for UG course lacks professional experience or can add any extracurricular activities.

Before starting to write an SOP for UG course it would be helpful to go through the following tips:

  • 1. Listing down the achievements of school life will increase the credibility of the SOP.
  • 2. Writing about the life journey rather than adding a theme to the letter will attract the admission panel.
  • 3. It is always better to prepare the first draft and keep revising it accordingly.
  • 4. Discussion on the first draft with friends, families.
  • 5. And teachers would help to give a better shape for your SOP.

Once the discussion is completed finalize the essay by doing the following: 

  1. editing work
  2. removing grammatical errors
  3. reading the SOP infinite time to make it more effective.

How to write an SOP for MBA

Though the name statement of purpose is the same for all it is totally different for the MBA. The graduate applying for MBA is more experienced and has got much more to include in his/her statement of purpose.

Statement of purpose for MBA course should balance both the technical skills and managing skills of the candidate. Academic clarity plays a vital role in the SOP for MBA.

Proper format for MBA SOP

Statement of Purpose for MBA course should include answers for the following questions:

  1. Your background
  2. professional accomplishment
  3. career goals
  4. Reason for choosing MBA and need for higher studies
  5. Reason for choosing the university

Most of the universities never mention the length and word count for your statement of purpose. In such a case, few candidates spread their wings and add whatever is possible. Few other candidates make it very short just by highlighting a few points. Universities never encourage these kinds of SOP.

The candidates can limit their statement of purpose with 1000 words with standard font style if the limitation is not mentioned.

How to Avoid Mistakes in SOP

COMMON MISTAKES TO BE AVOIDED IN SOP: High level of competition makes every candidate work hard to bring out the best SOP. More than hard work smart work matters a lot in case of Statement of Purpose. To write winning SOP students should try to avoid the following mistakes.

Stay limited to the word count

Focusing more on the goal rather than adding content regarding your fantasies will increase the chance of winning the competition. Sticking to the word count is also a better idea to get selected. Proper research on the university, facilities available in the campus, faculties, industrial exposure will help to make SOP more focused.

1. Avoid being direct or more casual in both beginning and conclusion part of the SOP

It is good to start your SOP with career goals but tries to avoid direct opinion in the statement of purpose. Make your first paragraph crystal clear to give a better opinion to the panel. The captivating opening will also increase the value of your SOP.

2. Avoid using jargons and technical terms

It is always better to use simple language rather than using jargons and technical terms. The panel members may or may not be aware of those technical terms which may lead to misunderstanding. The language used by the candidate in the SOP should be well understood by the panel members.

3. Avoid false information in your SOP

Always provide reliable information in your SOP. Check whether you have a proof for all the information added in your SOP. If not, try to avoid such information in your statement of purpose. application with fake information are rejected immediately.

4. Avoid copying of SOP from internet or from friends

Plagiarism is a very big offense and SOP is not an exception. Avoid copying information from the internet or from others which may lead rejection of your application. This may even end up with a permanent blacklisting of the candidates. Using your own language and ideas will make your SOP a win the competition.

5. Avoid childhood fantasies in SOP

Talking too much on childhood fantasy may irritate the panel member. Fantasies are of no use and being professional means a lot. The SOP should be more focused on career.

6. Avoid getting much of external help

Getting a reference from many people will end up with confusion. Always consult a subject matter expert regarding your issues.