Travelling Guidance

Travelling Guidance

Traveling is the first stepping stone to your dream of studying aboard so we at Unik Global Services take the utmost care in providing you the best available options within the specific country you wish to travel. Our dedicated travel desk team takes care of all the necessary arrangements that you need for your travel to be as smooth as possible so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Traveling is the first stepping stone to your dream of studying aboard so we at Many airlines have special packages for the student who are going to study aboard and even they allow extra baggage allowance for the student. Our team will help you to book the ticket with the best discount with the airlines according to your preferred departure date, fare and extra baggage allowance.

Services Provided

Our services for traveling includes:

  1. Passport services
  2. Booking the air ticket with the best discount available
  3. International courier services with a special discount for students
  4. International calling card
  5. Free Airport pickup services
  6. Accommodation


For most of the students, this will be their maiden journey to that specific country and everything in that country will be new to their culture, lifestyle, laws, etc. Hence you need to have the knowledge of these aspects. A pre-departure briefing on all these will be provided prior to your travel to help you to settle in aboard well.

We also give tips on local transportation, community network, dos and don’ts of the country, finding a part-time job, etc. Each country has a specific regulation with regard to the medical insurance available to international students. This a very important section so special attention must be paid to it hence our team will help you to subscribe to those services before departing.

We even help the student to widen their network by linking them with other students from India who are already there.

We provide a pre-departure kit which contains updated and comprehensive information regarding the particular country prior to the travel. All these will help you to have a comfortable life while you are studying aboard.

Accommodation to Study Abroad

Finding a place to stay in a foreign country is not an easy task for the student within their budget but our team at UNIK Global Services will help you to find the best place within your budget. Once you landed in Airport, we arrange free pick up service from the airport to your destination place. There are various types of accommodations available within the university campus, private hostels, PG accommodation, and shared accommodation.