Scholarship to Study Abroad:

The number of students moving abroad to pursue their studies is increasing every year. While searching for the best university, they start fishing for the best scholarship to tackle their financial requirements. The competition is increasing every year. Only a well-planned candidate can succeed in overcoming the hurdles to get admission and scholarship in the best universities.

Study abroad is not a dream of few rather it has become the goal for total youngsters. There is not even a single person who may say NO for such a wonderful opportunity. But the term “COST” has got the power to vanish your dream.

Is it so hard to overcome the cost of living abroad? It may be hard but with the complete guidance of UNIK, it is made easier. This article speaks about, “how to get a scholarship to study abroad?”

How to get a scholarship to study abroad

Scholarships are plenty for aspiring students. Choosing the right one and proper guidance to reach it has become a difficult task.  Scholarships are offered by government agencies, many by universities, other organizations and charitable trusts.

There are many to help us study abroad. Why not take a little step to reach them and make our goal successful?

Following are the important categories of scholarship:

  1. merit-based scholarship
  2. Destination-specific scholarship
  3. subject-specific scholarships
  4. program-specific scholarship etc
  5. Government-funded scholarship

It is the duty of the student to identify the category that fits them better and is useful to them.

1. Merit-based certificate

This scholarship is purely based on the academic excellence of the student.

2. Destination Specific Scholarship

These scholarships are offered by specific countries in order to increase the number of foreign students. These scholarships are offered by specific universities, the government of that country, etc.

3. Subject Specific scholarship

These scholarships are offered for students who plan to pursue a particular subject abroad.

4. Program-specific scholarship

This scholarship is offered for particular programs highlighted by the government or private organizations. The students who choose those highlighted programs are eligible for receiving this scholarship.

5. Government-funded scholarship

In order to encourage students to pursue study in their country that particular government is taking necessary steps to provide scholarships. Government-funded scholarships are many and the best examples are Fulbright program, Chevening scholarships, and fellowships, etc.

Scholarship offered by the organization

Many nonprofit organizations are lending their hands to help deserving students study abroad. Students should be careful while choosing such organizations. Only a few are reliable.

When there are many scholarships available it is the choice of students to go for suitable ones. It may demand your time to choose the best one.

We have the best database

Unik takes pride in maintaining a huge database which would help students to receive financial support for their studies abroad. Your dream destination could be Australia or the USA or the UK or anywhere in the world. Unik will provide you the proper list of scholarship available in any of the countries.

More to research

Very good research is required to identify the perfect scholarship for your studies abroad. Few scholarships will be highlighted in the university website itself. Few universities provide only limited amount as scholarship whereas few provide ample amount as scholarship. Here it is the candidate’s choice to choose the one that best suits their course.

Be an early bird

Being an early bird helps the students to make use of their opportunities effectively. Your hunt for a scholarship should start simultaneously when you choose the course and university. Few universities demand financial certification in order to prove your eligibility for the scholarship.

Few universities never ask for it. Whatever may be the condition start your hunt for a scholarship as much earlier as you can and enjoy the results.

Here we provide a list of few universities that never bother about the financial status of the students for providing admission:

  • MIT
  • Yale University
  • Harvard University
  • Amherst College
  • Dartmouth College
  • Princeton University

Prepare the best scholarship essay

Preparing the best scholarship essay is the best way to impress the scholarship committee. care should be taken while drafting this essay. It should contain all supportive points. A maximum number of proofreading helps you to make your draft perfect.

Many foundations are ready to help students with wonderful leadership qualities. In such cases highlight your leadership experience in the letter to grab their attention. Very good leadership quality is more important than academic skills and it helps in making your career successful.

if you are interested in getting into any of the cultural courses it is very important to mention your cultural skills. It could be dance, drama, music, painting or any other cultural programs. It is also better to send photographs, DVD, etc of the programs you participated earlier.

Checklist to be followed

You should follow a proper checklist to make your application win the race. The application should consist of:

  1. Your skills
  2. Contain all necessary documents demanded by the university
  3. Few of the universities demand referees. The candidate should be careful in choosing the referee. The referee should be able to clearly mention your skills and make you eligible for both scholarship and admission.

Candidates should be aware of the following important scholarships:

We thought we would familiarise you with a few famous scholarships from around the world to help with your scholarship search:

  1. Chevening UK Government Scholarships
  2. Tata scholarship especially for Indian students
  3. Fullbright fellowships
  4. The Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Programme
  5. Commonwealth Split-site Doctoral scholarship
  6. Hubert Humphrey scholarships
  7. Fullbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships especially for Indian students

The information available online is plenty and is helpful for aspiring candidates willing to study abroad. Effective search can help you gather ample information on all available scholarships.

Thinking smart before you start your career abroad is the best way to achieve your goal. Only very few students succeed in this process. Many deserving students fail to get a specific scholarship at right time and lose their hope to study abroad.

UNIK plays a vital role for students both inside and outside the country to complete their studies abroad successfully. It provides the complete list of scholarships available for the students and helps them in getting it at the right time.

Students stepping into UNIK never go out with disappointment. We are proud to say that we are the best service providers in the city. Drop into our office to refresh your life.