it is worth to study abroad


For the past two decades, Indians migrating to other countries for studies, career, etc has drastically increased. Though the numbers have increased there are many with the question “Do you think it is worth to study abroad?”.

If the question should be answered it is definitely “YES”. People who fly abroad enjoy multiple perks. Moving abroad is the best opportunity to take your life to the next level.

Why is it worth to study abroad?

  1. To the extent your contact
  2. To increase the value of your career
  3. Studying abroad is safe for foreigners
  4. Foreign countries never ignore Indians
  5. To improve your communication skills
  6. To get the attention of employers
  7. To increase your social network
  8. Study abroad is no more expensive


1. To extent your contact

Moving away from your native for career opportunities will extend your horizon. You will get along with different cultures and soon will adopt them. Getting adopted with various cultures will make you an interesting personality. Every professional will wish to have a large contact base from various backgrounds and it becomes possible by moving abroad.

2. To increase the value of your career

To study abroad is the booster for your career. It frames your skill set to easily adopt a multicultural environment. It increases your determination. You will be successful not only in your career but also will fulfill your ambition so it is worth to choose studing abroad.

3. Studying abroad is safe for foreigners

There is always a myth that moving abroad is not safe. Many foreign universities have proved it wrong by providing complete safety for international students. Zero tolerance policy is adopted by foreign universities to avoid harassment of international students.

Safety measures are followed not only inside the campus but also of the campus. Students overruling such policies are punished accordingly.

Before getting admission in any of the foreign universities it is better to go through their safety norms. There are many organizations like MADAD who take care of the security of Indians living abroad. Being informative will prevent you from becoming prey to people of other countries.

4. Foreign countries never ignore Indians

Before moving abroad you should be out of the wrong notion that Indian will be neglected in foreign countries. Indians have gained recognition globally and are welcomed with more respect now a day. In foreign universities, professors take the role of mentors and guide every student with great care without being partial. They focus only on providing them better knowledge rather than creating any racial discrimination.

Increase in the number of students moving abroad erases this false notion.  You can enjoy the essence of foreign culture and education without any hindrance. Universities are concentrating more on providing effective education and safety for international students.

5. Hone your communication skills

Studying in universities abroad will help you improve your linguistic proficiency. Every student gets scared of foreign accent. It can be overcome by doing some homework like listening to audios.

Such audios help to get adapted to foreign accent and modulation. You can adapt their accent within a short span of time without any hindrance.

6. To get the attention of employers

Employers give a red carpet welcome for students with international degrees. It is the basic assumption of employers that students studying abroad will have the following skills:

  1. Exposed to international culture
  2. Language proficiency
  3. enjoying new culture
  4. Self-reliant and
  5. Being flexible

7. To increase your social network

Students moving abroad for education get a chance to

  1. increase their social skills,
  2. widen their social network, and
  3. increase their friend’s circle.

You get an opportunity to mingle with students of different culture via team building activities.

Universities and educational institutes abroad encourage healthy cultural exchange which makes you feel comfortable. It helps you understand people beyond your limit.

8. Study abroad is no more expensive

The cost of living and expense to own a degree abroad haunts the mind of most of the students. studying abroad is expensive than studying in Indian universities. The scholarship helps the students to overcome those expenses.

Scholarships are plenty for students who urge to study abroad. Governments of foreign land have taken the initiative to offer a scholarship for deserving students. This encourages international students to take admission in their universities.

students should go through the available scholarships while choosing the university. students should follow a systematic method to receive a scholarship.

Proper guidance helps in getting the scholarship at the right time. Scholarships will help you to overcome financial struggle in a foreign country. Apart from scholarship, there are universities that allow international students for part-time jobs.

Students can take up any of the legal jobs to support their financial status. So being worried about finance is a waste of time for aspiring students. Make use of the opportunities available and make the world your playground.

So, now what do you think it is worth to study abroad? Hope it is worthy..

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