Reason to choose why Study in Canada:

Canada always tops the list of favorite foreign land for most foreign students. The reasons are plenty for Canada topping the list. Canada being the home for world-class colleges has become the dream destination for most of the Indian students.

Institutions in Canada follow the British model which is well known for its quality teaching, effective student-teacher interaction, etc. Moreover, the cost to study in Canada is lower than that of the UK and the US.

Canada leads in the following fields:

  1. Humanities
  2. Natural science
  3. Engineering
  4. Culture
  5. Art
  6. International relations

On the other hand, both the US and the UK with their new policies has limited the number of foreign students.  this increases the craze on Canada for foreign students.

According to official data, the number of Indian students who received the Canadian visa has increased by 60%.r Among 317000 foreign students, 83000 are Indian students which are a drastic increase.

Top 6 Reason to choose why Study in Canada:

  1. Quality Education for study in Canada
  2. Employment being high in Canada
  3. Study Options available for Indian students in Canada
  4. Affordable cost of living Study in Canada
  5. Part-time job available Study in Canada
  6. Scholarships are available for Indian students in Canada.

1. Quality Education for study in Canada:

The education system followed in Canada is highly recognized. A degree from Canada increases the value of the profile in the world job market. Moreover, Canada is famous for its research-oriented industry and it is ranked fourth in scientific research.

2. Employment being high in Canada:

As the quality of education in Canada is high, they have done five thousand global agreements. The curriculum being industry-oriented more than 90% of the students get placed within six months of course completion. In addition to it, the local recruiters have highlighted thirty universities as the best for Indian students.

3. Study Options available for Indian students in Canada:

There are three phases of intakes that take place in Canada:

  • Fall (Period: September to December),
  • Winter (Period: January to April) and
  • Summer (Period: May to August)

It is better to start your admission process as soon as possible in order to avoid eleventh-hour tension. These deadlines are flexible for diploma courses whereas for other courses relaxations are available depending on seat vacancy.

Below listed are programs available in most of Canada:

  • Diploma courses – course duration: 1-2 years
  • Advanced diploma course – course duration: 2-3 years
  • UG program – course duration: 3-4 years
  • P program – course duration: 2 years
  • Ph.D. – Course duration: 4 to 5 years (dissertation included)

4. Affordable cost of living Study in Canada:

In other words, the cost to pursue higher studies in Canada is half when compared with other popular destinations. The average cost to be spent by a foreign student totals to CAD 10000 to 40000 per annum. This may either increase or decreases depending on the location you choose to stay in. In addition to it, everyone should pay CAD 600 (this is an approximate value) as health insurance every year.

5. Part-time job available Study in Canada:

Foreign students are permitted to work for around twenty hours per week. The students are provided job on campus for the first six months and later off-campus. Getting a work permit post-graduation increases the job offer of a foreign student in Canada.

6. Scholarships available for Indian students in Canada:

Scholarships are offered for foreign students by both the government and others in Canada.

Following is the few scholarships available for foreign students:

  1. Canada Graduate Scholarship (government scholarship)
  2. NSERC PG scholarship (government scholarship)
  3. Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation scholarship (non-government scholarship)
  4. Trudeau Scholarship and fellowships (non-government scholarship)

The major role of UNIK in study abroad process:

Indian students are aware of all the institutes and university in Canada. Many fail to get admission because of omitting important information. Each and every information and rules framed by the country for foreign students should be followed with great care. Even a minor mistake will fail you in your study abroad process.

UNIK takes total care of the students who step into our office with the ambition to study in Canada. We assist you in each and every process involved in your study abroad journey. In addition, we also help you in getting proper accommodation when you land in Canada.

The scholarship is an important factor that helps to manage financial constraint in a foreign land.  This should be given more importance because of a minute error leading to the cancellation of scholarship.

But candidates from UNIK never fail in any of these processes. Our well-trained team checks whether each and every condition is satisfied by the candidate. Our service continues until the completion of your course.