Is Canada a Good Study Destination?

Yes, Canada is a good study destination for international students and it’s quality education and for being the safest country. Students interested in getting permanent residency in Canada also fly there for studies. Recently the changes made in immigration policies have made it simpler for international students to settle in Canada. A record from 2017 states that there are more than 400000 foreign students enrolled in Canada Universities and educational institution.

Universities in Canada offer world-class education. Degree from Canadian universities is most preferred by employers worldwide. Not only the universities but also the Canadian government offers multiple benefits for international students.

In Canada, students gain high-level education at a minimal cost when compared with other countries. International students are provided with multiple scholarships. These scholarships reduce their financial burden while pursuing their studies.

why Canada is a good Destination to study

  1. Focus on extracurricular activities
  2. Work while you study
  3. Priority for research
  4. Simple immigration process
  5. Safety for International Students
  6. Wonderful weather to enjoy
  7. Beautiful nature – treat for your sight.

1. Focus on extracurricular activities

Apart from studies, universities in Canada also organize many events to bring students together. These events also provide room for students to showcase their talents. International students can experience a different lifestyle which will be enjoyable.

2. Work while you study

Universities in Canada provide the opportunity for students to take up part-time jobs. Both on-campus and off-campus jobs are available for international students. For the first six months, on-campus jobs are offered for students. Later they can opt to work off-campus.

International students are allowed to work for twenty hours per week. Students will receive better financial assistance by taking up a part-time job on par with studies. Opportunities are plenty for international students post-graduation. Highly skilled candidates will get placed in top companies.

3. Priority for research

Students who are good in their research are provided with various scholarships. More than being a book worm practical knowledge gains you more opportunity. These universities give space for students to perform their research. Talented and highly skilled staffs are ready to assist the candidates in their research work.

4. Simple Immigration Process

International students are given a study visa along with work permit. Post-graduation the students can work in Canada for two more years. The process involved in getting a Permanent visa in Canada is very simple. Immigration process being simple encourages a huge number of international students to choose Canada as their study destination.

Canada has become the dream destination for many students. Being in Canada at least once in a lifetime is the achievement for many. The immigration process being simple becomes easier for international students to get settled in Canada.

5. Safety for International Students

The major concern of international students is safety in a foreign land. Both the universities and government of Canada have taken maximum effort to provide 100% safety for international students. As per a survey conducted by the United Nations, Canada is named as the best place to live.

Canada has been ranked because of the following

  1. The high-level education system,
  2. Extraordinary health care system that has increased the life expectancy, and
  3. For being a violence-free country.

Apart from safety, medical insurance is extremely low in Canada when compared with other countries. Toronto and Ontario are the best international cities in Canada.

6. Wonderful weather to enjoy

The climate of Canada is extremely enjoyable. The weather will be warm during summer and extremely cold during the winter season. Autumn is the best season in Canada.

In this season the leaves turn into red and orange color. This becomes a wonderful treat for the eyes. The chilly breeze during spring season makes you feel heaven on earth.

7. Beautiful nature – treat for your sight

Canada is not only the best study destination but also famous for its beautiful natural environment. Its geographical condition and landscape add beauty. The Rocky Mountains, maple sugar town, mountains in Atlantic coast increase the credibility of Canada.

International students can enjoy nature. If they settle down in Canada, it would be the best place to enjoy with family. Each and every day will be a vacation for you and your family members.

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