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Expansion of TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEFL is the exam conducted by educational testing service has three types of TOEFL exam,

Types of TOEFL Exam

  1. Paper-based test exam (PBT).
  2. Computer-based exam (CBT).
  3. Internet-based exam (IBT).

Where only the way of taking an exam differs rather than that the module for the course remains the same for all the tests. Where the reading, listening, speaking and writing as the same pattern for all the types of exams. The TOEFL is the test of English as a Foreign Language it is the exam in evaluating whether the candidate’s level of English is acceptable for the academic level.  

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is a paper-based test which is replaced progressively by computer-based and internet-based test. This test includes writing on paper which is different from CBT and IBT.


 is the computer-based test where the candidates feel more convenient and flexible in doing the test it is the same as the paper test which checks the same level of knowledge of the candidate as the PBT does. The only difference is that it’s done in the computer, it determines the answer based on its difficulty level of the candidates’ performance where it does not evaluate the answers on by simple correct or incorrect method of evaluation.


is the test that the candidate does via the internet. This exam presents with the added value of CBT where the oral production section is also involved in this section the verbal language ability of the student is verified more accurately.

There are four sections such as the reading section, the writing section, the listening section, and the speaking section. Usually, the result will be declared after 13 days of the test date.

Suppose the candidate has been applied to the schools in the United States, it is advisable for them to take a TOEFL no longer than six weeks before their deadline of the college application closes.

How to prepare for TOEFL Exam?

  1. The candidate who has trouble in TOEFL these tips helps the candidate having English as a foreign language and becomes easier by making use of these essential tips.
  2. Set a goal score to attain higher TOEFL scores in your TOEFL exams the goal score helps the candidate to concentrate with more involvement in their learning.
  3. Set a time frame for your preparation, dedicate your time for focused learning. The time frame for preparation varies accordingly to the candidate’s English language ability. Thus, who already has a required knowledge in their English language may focus their framed time on the TOEFL format.  A Candidate who has well language proficiency can accommodate a shorter period of time.
  4. Personalize your level of Knowledge. Get to know the one level of knowledge of themselves for the required exam and accordingly making a time frame plays a major part. A candidate who lacks in their language is English as a foreign language having the lower language ability itself can accommodate a longer time frame for their preparations for improving the language and then can go forward for TOEFL format. Thus the candidate should practice the accents of the English language by watching the native English news speaker’s speech and can practice by trying to repeat the accent of the speakers.
  5. Work on your weakness in the exam module. Getting to know the candidate’s weakness and performing. them during their preparation time is a very essential way of learning for the exam. thus once the candidate came to know on which part he/she is struggling to go through they can practice those parts with more focus and concentration. It helps them to improve their learning methodology.
  6. Always do concentrate on what you don’t know rather than what you know. It makes the candidate become stronger on their weaker pace so that they no longer take it as a major weakness from the candidate side for getting better scoring in their exams.

How Important to take TOEFL in BEST INSTITUTE?

  • Though TOEFL is not an easy exam to prepare for the candidate who already have good proficiency in their language and who were native speakers of the English language as well.
  • Guiding the candidate with proper and essential resources is a very important one to score higher on the TOEFL exam.
  • The solution to the queries about test date, test day, exam registration of the test takers resolved and becomes much easier while learning the course with the test centers who book exam registration and coaching for the exams as well.


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