What is the best and Cheapest country to study abroad :

The greatest accomplishment for a youngster is to get higher education from universities abroad. Studying abroad becomes a life-changing factor for every youngster. Finding an answer to the following question is the difficult task: what is the best and cheapest country to study abroad?

The greatest accomplishment for a youngster is to get higher education from universities abroad. Studying abroad becomes a life-changing factor for every youngster. Finding an answer to the following question is the difficult task: what is the best and cheapest country to study abroad?

It demands more effort and hard work from the candidate. In addition to this studying abroad incurs a higher cost when compared to universities in the motherland.

Students ambitious to study abroad will do better research on the cheapest study abroad destination around the world. Though studying abroad increases the value of profile, it requires a huge cost to be afforded by students.

It is the responsibility of the student to analyze how much they can afford.  The cost can be reduced with the help of education loan and scholarships. In addition, it would be better if students look for affordable countries to pursue their studies.

Proper research on the following beforehand will help you accomplish your task with ease:

  • Affordable study destination
  • choose cheapest country to study abroad
  • Program to be pursued
  • Scholarships available

10 Most cheapest Country to Study Abroad

UNIK has taken immense effort to bring out the list of affordable study destination around the world. This could be helpful for aspiring students who wish to study abroad at an affordable cost.

1. Germany

Germany has become the most popular study destination among international students. Apart from providing quality education many of the public universities in Germany are offering affordable programs, especially for international students.

These universities have drastically reduced the tuition fee to minimize the expense of international students. Getting into Germany public universities to cost less than $8500 per annum. it becomes easier to afford for international students.

2. Italy

The affordability to live here has increased the count of international students flying towards Italy. Italy takes the pride of being home for many oldest universities. Universities in Italy are more affordable when compared with other universities in Europe.

Average tuition fees in public universities in Italy range from 850 to 1000 EUR per annum. The living cost in big cities ranges from 700- 1100 EUR per month. cities like Pisa, Turing, etc cost from 600 to 950 EUR per month. both scholarship and part-time jobs help students manage their expenses without any difficulty.

3. Sweden

Sweden has also become the home for many affordable universities. It is always considered high for enjoying pleasant living. The average cost to be spent by an international student in Sweden will not exceed more than $8500 per annum. To add more the education system and quality followed in Sweden universities are highly praised by international students.

4. France

International students in love with French culture always prefer being there for their higher studies. Many qualified educational institutes are located in more than forty cities in France. Average tuition fees in this land of culture range from 200 to 300 EUR per year. The living cost in this country won’t be more than 700 to 950 EUR per month.

5. Greece

Universities in Greece are famous for Science and philosophy. Education in Greece universities helps you reflect yourself in society. Living cost for international students in Greece ranges from 500 to 700 EUR per month. Below listed are few of the popular bachelor courses in Greece:

  • Tourism and leisure
  • International relations in Greece
  • Business Administration

6. Finland

Finland is famous for being the well-organized countries among other European countries. Affordable living is the other factor that attracts more international students to Finland.

Bachelor degrees in any of the public universities in Finland are free for EU Students. It does not cost more than 1500 EUR per year for non-European students.

For a few programs, the cost may reach up to 16000 EUR per year. So it is the responsibility of the student to choose the program according to their financial status.

7. Austria

Austria is the homeland of many famous personalities like Beethoven, Mozart, etc. To add more Austria also surprises you with its affordable cost of living. International students can enjoy affordable tuition fees. The cost of living in Austria ranges from 800 to 1200 EUR per month.

Austrian public universities waive off the tuition fee for European students. Moreover, it charges around 750 to 1450 EUR per year for non-European students which are also a good deal. Most preferred Bachelors program in Austria are:

  • Bachelors in Business Administration in Austria
  • B.Sc in Hospitality in Austria

8. Denmark

Safety is the major issue that disturbs the students aiming to study abroad. Denmark would be the best place for those students.

Denmark is familiar with its safety factors. International students can be out of panic to be in Denmark.

Moreover, universities in Denmark offer courses at very minimal tuition fees. The accommodation cost will also be not more than $10500 per annum. Being in the safest place in the world and getting a degree at an affordable cost is bliss for international students.

9. Norway

Norway is the cheapest study destination for Indian students. Universities here provide free education for students from both inside and outside European countries. This factor makes Norway the most affordable destination for international students.

All the programs are offered in the English language which is familiar for everyone. In Norway, the average living cost ranges up to $12000 per annum.

10. Belgium

Many universities in Belgium offer programs at very minimal tuition fees for international students. In Belgium universities, the teaching language is English which is an added advantage. Moreover, Belgium universities demand their students to be proficient in any of the additional languages like Dutch, German, or French. These universities also provide part-time job opportunities for international students to assist their financial status.