Scholarship to Study in USA

Best way to Get Scholarship to Study in USA

The best way to get a scholarship to study in USA, we guide you through the complete process. Scholarships are the medium in which the students could get a respite inexpensive education abroad.

Scholarships provide a huge guide in giving away some of the costs. Any Indian student, preferably seeking opportunities to study abroad are given International scholarship offered by various governments and specified institutions or Universities.

How to Get Scholarship to Study in USA

Every student needs a proper way of getting the scholarship the Universities opted for. Those aspirants have the following questions in their mind.

1) Who has got the best opportunity to get a scholarship?

2) Where are the scholarships for studying abroad found?

3) How to fill in for getting a scholarship?

Best opportunity to get a scholarship

The answer to the first question is those students who are willing to apply for Ph.D. programs; those applying for Masters in the opted subject; those who have brilliant academic record; those who are exceptionally skilled in music, arts, sports and the like; those who are financially constrained or belonging to low family income.

Even though the above-said categories don’t match with the student’s capabilities, they need not worry. There are other options wherein the respective colleges and Universities could provide financial aid related scholarships for the study abroad.

Where are the scholarships for studying abroad found

The second question is a question that is found often in each mind of the applicants. Scholarship to study in USA is available for candidates in various forms. Many schools, colleges, and Universities have special scholarships for all international students.

Some of the countries preferably provide scholarships for the incoming of International students. There are privileges for native country providing scholarships for those who are ambitious and talented to study abroad. The current school of the native place and the associations associated also could provide scholarships.

There are various scholarship consultants and scholarship databases that could detail the candidates for any assistance online.

How to fill in for getting a scholarship

There are various steps to apply for scholarships. Through research on the scholarship application is required. Moreover, the maximum number of scholarships are given by the preferred schools.

Therefore, candidates have to apply them on a yearly basis as there would be many applicants. Preferred candidates have commonly requested documents like a resume, an essay, financial aid documents, and recommendation letters.

Basic Steps for Applying US scholarship

  1. In order to avail the opportunity to apply for Scholarship to study in USA, the students need to know that in September, there are Major Intakes and January, there are Minor Intakes. These two periods are the best time to apply for the procedure of scholarship. Those who wish for the application, need to begin with procedure at least 12 months prior to the intake.
  2. Most of the American Universities offer two types of funding i.e. Financial Assistance or Financial Aid and Merit-Based Scholarships.
  3. International Students are given a good opportunity to secure the funding from University preferred after the first year of their study in the respective college.
  4. Merit-Based Scholarships are given to the students who have excelled in their academics.
  5. Financial Aid is given to those who require financial support to pursue further studies. The opted University would go through the basic background check to ensure the family’s ability to pay the tuition fees.
  6. Few Universities offer Finance aid Scholarship covering the cost of the tuition fees which the family would be incapable to pay. These Universities are Harvard University; Princeton University; Amherst University; Yale University; Dartmouth University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  7. American Universities require a College Scholarship Service Profile form as well as other documents to assess the Financial Aid ability. The preferences for any such documents might vary according to the University applied for.
  8. Some of the Universities also prefer students according to the country of origin, faith, religion, gender, other academic interests.
  9. Government-funded US Scholarships for International Students are as follows:-
  10. Non- Government-funded US Scholarships for International students for Indian students are as follow: –
  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students
  • Fulbright- Nehru Research Scholarships
  • Cornell University- Tata Scholarship
  • Asian Women Business Scholarship Fund.