Cost of Living in Canada

As per the requirement of the Canadian visa, the cost of living the student must have CA$10000 to prove their eligibility. Living cost in Canada also depends on the location you choose to live in. according to an estimation a student is supposed to spend CA$15050 per annum on accommodation, food, phone cost, etc.

Health insurance is compulsory for students studying in Canada. This may cost up to CA$600-800. The students have an option of homestay, private accommodation, and university accommodation.

For on-campus accommodation, the student is supposed to spend CA$3000-7500. For private accommodation, it may cost up to CA$8400. University accommodation is considered to be more affordable for students.

Canada is the dream destination of more than half a population around the world. When it comes to studying, profession, tourism, etc Canada stands high among other foreign countries. Canada becomes a priority for students who wish to study abroad. The only concern that stops them to rethink is the cost of living in Canada.

This article speaks about the cost of living in Canada for students. In addition to this, it also provides details on tuition fees, visa fees, etc. Moreover, it also provides additional information on other factors to be concentrated to study in Canada

Tuition fees in Canada

The tuition fee structure of Canadian universities is totally different from other countries. They follow their own structures. Tuition fees in Canadian universities vary depending on the course you choose. According to a recent report it is stated that the tuition fee in Canada is raised by 6.3% for undergraduate courses.

Undergraduate tuition fees in Canada

The tuition fees in Canadian universities differ according to the courses chosen by the student. In the case of arts and science, the fees are cheaper whereas for engineering and medicine the fee is expensive. The approximate cost for under graduation ranges from $12000 to $25000 per annum.  In addition to it, the fees for management course is literally lesser than the national average that is around CA$26,395 per annum.

Postgraduate tuition fees in Canada

Variation in tuition fees for post-graduation courses is the same as above. It varies depending on the course. The fee for an executive MBA program is found to be expensive which is around CA$49798 per annum. On the contrary, the tuition fee for a regular MBA course is CA$30570.


Study Program in Canada

Avg annual fee per annum

Undergraduate Program

CAD$12000 to CAD$25000

Postgraduate Program

CAD$14,000 to CAD$35,000

Doctoral Degree

CAD$7,000 to CAD$10,000

Student Visa and Application Fees

A Canadian study permit is the important criteria to be satisfied by every student to study in Canada. In case of course duration is six months or lesser there is no need for a study permit.  In addition to studies, a work permit allows a student to involve in part-time work.

A Canadian study permit can be applied online or by paper application. This can be done in citizenship and immigration Canada i.e., CIC website. The visa office will provide you the details on the documents to be submitted. The document to be submitted varies for different locations.

The application fees are fixed depending on the origin of the students. For undergraduate courses the application fees for international students CA$116.25. Students from developing nations are eligible for an application fee waiver.

Student’s job in Canada

International students studying in Canada are eligible for a part-time job. They are eligible for working both on and off-campus for a duration of 20 hours. They can also involve themselves in a full-time job during winter and summer holidays. Students in Canada can qualify themselves for jobs by satisfying the following criteria:

  • Valid study permit
  • Should be a full-time student
  • Should be enrolled as a full-time student in any institution
  • Social Insurance Number i.e., SIN is mandatory
Financial aid to study in Canada

The scholarship is bliss for international students and Canadian universities are not less in offering it. People willing to study abroad mostly rely on scholarships. Sometimes without the scholarship, their dream turns out to be a night mare.

 To receive a scholarship it is mandatory for students to apply earlier. Many universities in Canada offer scholarship on their own. The eligibility criteria for every scholarship are different. It is mandatory for students to collect ample information on the scholarships available.