The A – Z Cost of Study in USA for Indian Students

In this article going to Answer about How Much Does It Cost of Study in USA For Indian Students?. The USA is always the first preference of students across the world to pursue higher studies.

Not just higher studies, School and Under Graduate courses are also on high demand under USA universities. Though studying here is very expensive compared to other countries like UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and a lot more.

US University Education System

  • Community colleges
  • Public colleges/University
  • Private colleges/University

Community Colleges

Community college provides associate degrees and certifications in specific fields. This offers 2 years of degree programs which is a pathway for 4 years of the bachelor’s degree. Wow, it’s cheap! with fewer tuition fees and multiple course options, international students get graduated from community colleges in the US. The community college fee for international students is very less.

Public Colleges/ Universities

Public Colleges are mainly funded by the state government. The government provides enough funding and they charge fewer tuition fees from the students. There are 100+ American public universities which are on top standards. This provides all 4-year bachelor, masters, doctorate courses.

Private Colleges/ Universities

Private colleges / Universities run by their own funds, so they rely on student tuition fees. Private Universities are expensive.

Average Tuition fee on Community colleges, Public and Private Universities are given below:





$20000 and above


How Much Does It Cost to Study In the USA for Indian Students?

Here we will present you with a detailed Cost of Study in USA on course fees, cost required and also we will show you the comparison chart. So if we look forward to the breakup of the approximate cost of study in USA based universities for 2 or 3 or 4 years undergraduate and master’s course then refer to the chart below:

What is the cost of Study in USA Universities?

University fees in USA for International Students

Duration2 years3 years4 years
University Tuition Fees / per year$27260.62$39309.21$52412.28


Other Fee / per year

Total Fee$35,920.62$52,299.21


The above-mentioned cost always varies from one University to another or from one College to another. But this is an overall estimation that will give you an insight into the fees detailed structure. The estimation given here is basically for tenure duration of 2 to 4 years. Also in the subsequent paragraphs, we will compare it with course fees of universities’ fees structure of other countries.

How much does it cost to do an undergraduate degree in the USA?

Cost of Undergraduate Degree in the USA for International Students: The undergraduate degree is about 3 years, the average cost of study in USA is $39,309.21 and the Engineer course about 4 years, the average cost of the study is $52,412.28.

The above-mentioned fees are only including studying cost and not the cost related to books, food, lodging, and travel. So before you plan for a study out there get a clear estimation and also you may opt-out for various study loans, scholarship exams and other benefits available for the specific course and universities. One more thing to take into consideration is the pre-applying cost and post-application cost which includes application cost, exam fees, and a lot of other expenses.

How much does it cost to do a master’s in the USA?

Cost of Master’s Degree in the USA for International Students: The Master’s course is about 2 years and the average fees of study are $30,000 which is variable based on the stream of study. For science-based subjects, the cost is slightly higher as many practical experiments and raw material for that is required.

How Much Does it Cost for each Course in the USA?

Here we present course fees with a different stream of Programs in the USA:

  • MS Courses
  • Pilot Courses 
  • Air hostess 
  • Medical Courses 
  • MBA Courses 
  • Computer Science Courses 
  • BBA Courses 
  • Engineering Courses.
MS Courses fee in the USA

Master Degree in the USA is expensive and the course fee varies from subject to subject and also slightly from one college to another. The average course fees could be estimated is $70,000.

Pilot Courses fee in the USA:

This is an interesting course. For international students, the cost can be at an average of $10,000. This again varies on the training segment and house of training. But this is the basic cost for international students to get a USA pilot license.

Air hostess Courses fee in the USA:

This is one of the most demanding courses, mainly in female students. The average cost of the study is $30,000. Now there are three segments of this degree; certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma.

Medical Courses fee in the USA:

Being one of the most premium disciplines of study, its average cost in the USA is around $61000. It again varies from college to college. The minimum cost is $50000.

MBA Courses fee in the USA:

The average cost can be around $60,000. It may vary up to $70,000.

Computer Science Courses fee in the USA:

The course fees for Computer Science at the Undergraduate level can be an average of – $50,000.

BBA Courses fee in the USA:

This average cost of study in USA for BBA programs is around $50000.

Engineering Courses fee in the USA:

For studying Engineering in the USA tuition fees required is $ 69,000.

Top 5 Courses to Study in the USA For Indian Students:

Here we go with the top 5 disciplines of studies in the USA that maximum students want to opt for:


Top courses

No. of International Students


Business management






Maths and Computer Sciences



Social Sciences



Physical and Life Sciences


In the above chart, you can find the most demanding subjects that the average number of international students who are pursuing these courses.  Apart from these, there are several professional and academic courses those students look forward to. We will guide you with detail of all such courses in the next paragraph and let get the overview of all distinctive streams as well.

American University fees versus Other Countries?

Follow the above-stated chart the cost of study in USA is compared to other countries with USA universities. Though other countries have far lower fees structure yet most of the students have put USA based universities on their top priorities. When you differentiate the fees then you need to understand the two tiers of universities offering courses to students. Some are public universities and another segment is private nonprofit universities. The top-notch universities are under the second category of private or nonprofit universities. Comparatively, their fees are higher than those of the first type.

We are genuine and we handpicked this information through the study of several colleges and universities in USA and other countries. We Hope these support you in getting an overview and decide on your career planning and financial planning. Keep reading this space to know more about career-oriented information.