Study Abroad Scholarships

Studying abroad is a huge expensive task wherein it requires sufficient finance to render aid while pursuing the education. UNIK Global Services would suggest scholarship programmes in the respective Universities selected during the review of the application. Each University follows the different pattern for the scholarship avail. UNIK Global Services will assure you to avail all those scholarships according to the requirement. Most of the aspiring students have availed this opportunity to make it an affordable and learning in the best Universities.

We at UNIK Global services would suggest you all the required information to benefit the scholarships. All the scholarships are awarded according to the country-specific, academic merit as well as English Proficiency test scores. Each of them has a varied set of basic requirements.

Study Abroad Scholarships are basically of four categories.

  1. Merit Scholarships and Fee Waiver: Mostly the top-level Universities provide such Merit-based scholarship. The basic requirements for such scholarships are excellence in academics, proficient in all standardized exams, arts, sports and other extracurricular activities. For those who are eligible, they will also be given Financial Assistance as well.


  1. International Scholarships: Those scholarships available for the students who are studying abroad or any foreign nationals focusing on individual eligibility requirement. UNIK Global Services could help you to avail such opportunity.


  1. Department Scholarships: Usually while applying for funding section on the form for any courses applied, there are many awards available for providing full or part of the funding in those departments. These scholarships are provided separately. Our team will assure you with those according to the requirement.


  1. Bursaries and Financial Aid: Bursary is applicable for those aspiring individuals who are monetarily less fortunate can get redeem monetary award which is not to be repaid. Mostly it is not categorized as scholarship as it doesn’t involve any competitive assessments.

Apart from various reputed University scholarships, there are various institutions and establishments like Government of India, Common Wealth, the British Council and the like, who also propose various scholarships for overseas education. Such scholarships also have a distinguished way of approaching and getting the scholarship.

Our team at UNIK Global Services assure our utmost assistance to guide all who aim to benefit all the offered scholarships. Thereby we can create an indelible mutual interactive relationship further through the academic journey.