Study abroad after 12th is the dream for most of the Indian students and parents as well.  Many parents wish to send their children abroad to explore multiple choices available. Earlier it was only few who had the guts to face people in other countries.

Now a day everyone is ready to face the challenge because of various offers available. Earlier students fly abroad post UG. At present they wish to explore the world as soon as they complete their 12th grade. Countries all over the world are welcoming students from India to pursue higher studies.

Options are plenty for students and they are lucky enough to have multiple scholarship options too. Countries like the UK, the USA, Singapore, Australia, Canada, etc are facing drastic increase in number of students flowing in.

Top 3 preferred Destination for Study abroad after 12th


UK has become the most popular study destination among foreign students. The UK is the home for much-renowned university. An international foundation program is essential for students who wish to study in the United Kingdom after 12th.


Most of the universities in the USA offer four years of UG program. Post completion of grade 12 students can directly take up any of the courses on satisfying required terms. The IELTS score demanded for entering any of the universities in Australia is 5.5 to 6.0.

Students after completing their 12th grade can undergo vocational courses in TAFE i.e., Technical and Further Education Institutions. The duration of this course starts from six months to 2 years. by completing any of this vocational course the candidate can directly enter second year. Applicant’s proficiency in English and the marks scored in 12th grade plays the major role in admission process.


Canada is the other important place that offers plenty of choices for foreign students. The most popular cities in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa. The most popular courses offered in universities of Canada are life science, engineering, arts, and humanities. career choices are high for foreign students post-graduation.

Study commerce in Canada

Students having passion towards commerce can choose Canada as their study destination. A standard education system followed in Canada makes it the best study destination for students willing to study abroad after 12th.

The commerce courses available in these universities are :

  1. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  2. BBM (Bachelor of Business Management)
  3. B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)
  4. Hotel Management
  5. LLB (Bachelor of Law Degree Program)
  6. Retail Management

Available Scholarships for study abroad after 12th

Scholarship plays the most vital role in the process of study abroad. scholarship as early as possible will reduce the tuition fees to a great extent. Few scholarships are awarded in the form of

Scholarship listed below is especially awarded for Indian students who wish to study abroad after 12th.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship plan

This scholarship is for students from Commonwealth countries.  Moreover, students awarded with this scholarship should serve their motherland after course completion. Moreover, the criteria covered in this scholarship are tuition fee, maintenance, other allowances and travel charge.

Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship

This particular scholarship was launched by St. Johns college for Indian students who study in St. John’s College. Students applying for Aerospace Engineering and Energy Studies are most preferred for this scholarship. This scholarship includes airfare, living expense, UK visa and academic fees.

Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship

This scholarship is for outstanding Indian students aiming to study in the USA. This scholarship is offered for courses below:

  1. Arts and culture management,
  2. Higher education administration,
  3. International legal studies,
  4. Public Health,
  5. Gender Studies, and
  6. Environmental science.

Standford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian students

This scholarship is offered by Reliance industries in partnership with Standford GSB for students studying at Stanford Graduate Business School. Moreover, students receiving this scholarship should work for Indian organizations post-course completion. The tenure of work should not be less than two years.

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by American University for most deserving Indian students for studying UG in the US. Students interested in social activities are most preferred for this scholarship. Students awarded with this scholarship should develop the under-resourced communities in their homeland post-course completion.

Tata Scholarships for Cornell University

Tata Education and Development trust to Cornell University offer this scholarship. This total amount offered in $25 million. This scholarship is for students who pursue under graduation in Cornell University.

Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is, particularly for Asian female candidate.  Those candidates should pursue UG degree in business course from any of US universities.

UCD Global Graduate Scholarships for Indian Students

Students pursuing UG in Dublin University, Ireland are eligible for receiving this scholarship.

Orange Tulip Scholarship

This scholarship is for Indian students wishing to study bachelor’s degree in Netherland.

University of New South Wales Future of change India Scholarship

Indian students pursuing under graduation or post-graduation in UNSW, Sydney can avail this scholarship.

Saltire Scholarship

Students from the US, India, China, and Canada pursuing degree course in Scotland are offered with this scholarship.