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Popular courses in USA to help you get smart: 

The USA is the most preferred study destination for many international students especially for students from India. Many are aware that the US is a technically advanced country and pursuing a technical course will be like adding a feather to their cap. Apart from engineering, there are many other courses that can add colors to your life. This article will speak about the top 10 most popular courses in USA.

What are the most popular courses in USA?

There are 10 most popular courses which are as follows:

Computer Science

The US being the leader of technology acquiring either a graduation or post graduation from any of the US universities will be the greatest credit in the job market. Advancement in technology demands highly skilled graduates in computer science and there are plenty of job opportunities for skilled computer science graduates.


Money plays the vital role in the global market and accountants are most preferred to tackle the financial system. On receiving graduation in accounting the accountant can explore all financial theories and also can gain practical knowledge on how to manage financial crises. Students can also choose short accounting courses in USA.


Economics deals with production, consumption and transfer of wealth. All these criteria are very important for a country’s economy. People with graduation in economics can easily grab a job with a high salary.


The field of medicine is always in demand all over the world. As medicine is related to human health only a well-trained person can be successful in this field. Graduation from any of the US universities gives you real-time experience to handle patients and you can be sure that you will shine in your career. Short medical courses in USA are also available for international students.


Psychology, the most popular courses in USA. Being the most interesting course only fifty percent of psychology students shine in their career. This is due to lack of coaching. Being a psychology student at any of the US universities will make you the best psychologist.

Fashion design

Fashion designing is in the utmost demand in recent years. Not only celebrities but each and every individual prefers a fashion designer to design their attire. Being excellent in this field will pave way for minting money.


Law is the most popular courses in USA preferred by students moving to the US for higher education. A degree in law demands extraordinary skills like interpretation, understanding of complex subjects, problem-solving skills, oral communication, effective teamwork, etc. course on law from any of the US universities will help you acquire all the above-stated skills. Students can also choose short law courses in USA.


Physiotherapy has become the biggest challenge for drug treatments. Nowadays people prefer physiotherapy rather than medicines. Success in this career is 100% sure if you are doing this course in the US.


Becoming a successful architect is a long process. The course duration is five years and two years for work experience. Successful completion of this course will make you a very good architect. Universities in the US will transform you into the best architect.


Criminology is one of the most popular courses in USA , though criminology is the toughest course it becomes easier when you pursue it from the best universities in the world. The US universities are not less in providing effective teaching even for criminology.

The above listed top 10 popular courses in USA will help each and every international student to own better life.

Study options in USA

Certificate coursesDiploma coursesAssociate DegreesPathway programsPreparatory programsOnline Courses
Advance certificateDiplomaAssociate of ScienceUndergraduate PathwayFoundation CoursesSummer courses
Graduate certificateAdvanced DiplomaAssociate of Applied ScienceGraduate PathwayOrientation ProgramsVacation Programs
Undergraduate certificateGraduate DiplomaAssociate of Arts
Postgraduate certificatePost-Graduate Diploma
Popular courses in USA

What are the Popular undergraduate courses in USA?

Study in USA after 12th for Indian students-Students completed 12th who are looking for undergraduate courses in the USA can choose courses. Below listed are the popular undergraduate courses in USA.

  1. Social science and humanities
  2. Psychology
  3. Bachelor of engineering
  4. Education
  5. Bachelor of computer science
  6.  Health professionals and related programs
  7. Business

What are the Popular courses in USA for MS?

The following are the popular courses in USA that an international student can pursue in the USA. Students have lots of benefits studying in USA.

  1. MS in computer science
  2. MS in Power Engineering
  3. MS in Management Information System
  4. MS in Petroleum Engineering
  5. MS in Life Science
  6. MS in Wireless communication
  7. MS in Embedded system
  8. MS in Management Information System
  9. MS in Game Design and Game development

Can I complete Masters in 1 year in USA?

Wow, It’s a great privilege for students that 12 months MS courses are available for international students.There 100+ 12 months master degree courses available in USA.Here we are listing 10 most popular 12 months courses :

  1. Masters of Business Administration
  2. Masters of Law (L.L.M)
  3. M.S in Management 
  4. M.Eng. in Artificial Intelligence
  5. M.S in Marketing
  6. M.A in Human Resources
  7. Masters in Legal Studies (MLS)
  8. M.S. in International Real Estate
  9. M.S. in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity
  10. M.S. in Construction Management.

Are there any Short term popular courses in USA?

Yes , there are Short courses in USA for international students which are listed below which are very beneficial for their career.Online short courses with certificates are also available for international students.

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Pharmaceutical
  3. Computer science
  4. Crisis management
  5. Tribology
  6. Data modeling and analysis
  7. Design, analysis and manufacturing
  8. Energy and transportation
  9. Innovation
  10. Leadership
  11. Communication
  12. Radar
  13. Robotics
  14. System engineering
  15. Sustainability

What are the popular courses in USA for Diploma?

International students can opt for the following diploma courses in USA

  1. Diploma in accounting and finance
  2. Diploma in architecture
  3. Diploma in arts and cultural management
  4. Diploma in aviation
  5. Diploma in business
  6. Diploma in communication
  7. diploma in environmental science
  8. Diploma in film and tv
  9. Diploma in financial planning
  10. Diploma in health science
  11. Diploma in information management
  12. Diploma in human resource management
  13. Diploma in information technology
  14.  Diploma in management
  15. Diploma in marketing
  16. Diploma in medical sonography
  17. Diploma in nursing and midwifery
  18. Diploma in pharmacy
  19. Diploma in construction management
  20. Diploma in data science

What are the Business and management courses in USA?

The most preferable business and management courses in USA are:

  1. Bachelor of Science in financial planning and wealth management
  2. Bachelor of Science in food and agribusiness marketing and management
  3. Bachelor of Science in fashion and merchandising and management
  4. Bachelor of Science in fashion design and product innovation
  5. Bachelor of Science in entrepreneurship
  6. Bachelor of Science in actuarial sciences
  7. Bachelor of Science in hospitality business management
  8. Bachelor of Science in international business studies
  9. Bachelor of Science in financial planning and wealth management
  10. Bachelor of Science in global enterprise management 

IT courses in USA

Everyone is interested in IT careers nowadays, so in order to get hired in IT students need a strong educational background in computer science and information technology.To get complete knowledge about programming languages like c++, java , Microsoft and .Net .The IT courses in USA are as follows

  1. M.S. in Applied Information Technology.
  2. M.S in Information Systems
  3. M.S in Information Technology
  4. M.S in Information Science
  5. M.S in Technology
  6. M.S in Applied Technology
  7. M.S in Technology Management
  8. B.S in Information and Decision sciences
  9. B.S in Information Technology
  10. B.A in Information Science

What are the Short term medical courses in USA?

We have listed 10 popular courses in USA which is specialized short term medical courses in USA

  1. Leading organizational change in healthcare
  2. Principles of health law and regulatory issues
  3. Healthcare organization operation
  4. Human centered healthcare
  5. Strategic leadership in healthcare
  6. Certified lifestyle medicine executive comprehensive exam
  7. Biostatistics in public health
  8. Fundamental of advocacy in health policy
  9. Healthcare organization and delivery models

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