Best 5 Destinations for Indian Students to Study Abroad

1. Canada
2. Germany
3. Australia
4. United States
5. Italy

1. Master degrees in Canada

Based on statistics, around 75,000 students in Canada are Indian students. The government of Canada has recently introduced immigration policies that bring several benefits to Indian students, such as offering Permanent Residency(PR) to highly skilled students who graduate from Canadian Universities.
Advantages for Indian students to study abroad in Canada:
• English speaking country
• High-Quality Education
• Cosmopolitan life style
Course options in Canadian universities
 Business Masters – with Paid Internship
 Environmental Masters – combine academics with research
 Social Sciences Masters – students gain versatile skills

2. Master degrees in Germany

Advantages for Indian students to study abroad in Germany:
• Free Education in Public universities
For Master’s degree , international students enjoy free tuition fee in German public universities. Only a small semester fee is considered for international students which attracts students from India, choose Germany as their study abroad destination.
• Scholarships for International students
In Germany many scholarship providers support talented students financially, In particular DAAD provide special programs for Indian Students.
• Extensive focus on Research in German universities
Course options in German universities
 Masters-Electrical Engineering
 Masters-Computer Science
 Masters-International Business

3. Master degrees in Australia

Main reason why Indian students opt for Australia to study abroad is the fact due to relaxed Visa application process in terms of their financial requirements.
Advantages for Indian students to study abroad in Australia:
• Multicultural, friendly environment and good Infrastructure
• Great opportunities for work during studies
In Australia International Students can work up to 20 hours a week and after graduation, they can also benefit from a post-study work (PSW) visa.
The Australian government has also initiated a Professional Year Program for graduates of information technology, accounting and engineering which helps them to work in local companies in Australia.
Course options in Australian universities
 IT Masters – internship opportunities in local companies
 Environmental Masters
 Business Masters

4. Master degrees in the United States

Advantages for Indian students to study abroad in the USA:
• American universities provide top education
• Access to numerous scholarships
• Worldwide acknowledgment of your qualification
Higher education in the U.S. is known to get talented professionals that are highly skilled.
Course options in American universities
 Masters-Information Sciences
 Masters-Aerospace Engineering

5.Master degrees in Italy

International students worldwide prefer Italy due to fact of most accessible and affordable study option. The students not only enjoy low tuition fee but also low living cost.
Advantages for Indian students to study abroad in Italy:
• Low tuition fees and living costs
• Great student life style
• Taste the most fantastic food ever
Course options in Italian universities
 Masters-Fashion Design
 Masters-Architecture – admire emblematic architectural works
 Masters-Visual Arts– home of famous artistic masterpieces


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